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Vitamin C Collection

The Vitamin C collection contains vitamin C for a number of reasons. Vitamin C is known for protecting your skin from aging as vitamin c is one of the body's essential vitamins that help the body produce collagen. As the body ages it maintains lower levels of vitamin c which causes for your skin to lose its elasticity. Ever heard of free radicals? These are molecules in the body that have an unpaired electron and sometimes these molecules attack our collagen and change its structure resulting in older looking skin to find a pair for their electron. By using the vitamin c collection you can combat early aging and keep your youthful skin or revitalize your skins health.  

Make sure to check out the description for each product to get the full understanding of what each product provides in its entirety. 

Essentials collection.

The essentials collection the daily care for all skin types. Simple solutions that yield significant results—cleanse, tone, treat and protect—for beautiful, naturally younger looking skin. Its hard to say what all this collection entails because there isn't one main ingredient in this collection at all. Each product does a specific job to keep your skin looking younger and firm.

Target Solutions Collection

This colletion is for specific skin concerns. Active ingredients and advanced technology deliver powerful results for common skin issues i.e., loss of firmness and elasticity, irritation, hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, and uneven tone. This collection also varies in active ingredients. If you the person who has that one thing that hold your skin back from looking its bets this collection is for you. Find the product to target your concern and improve your skins overall apperance.